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Profile: Fig or Anjeer as it is known in India is a small pear or bell-shaped flowering plant that belongs to the mulberry family. The fruit is grown in the Middle East, Asia, Turkey and even in the USA and Spain. India is the second largest producer of figs.


Figs are large fruit with several crunchy seeds. They can be bought fresh or dried and are sold all year round. Dense in natural sugars, the fruit is nature's candy. Colors range from purple, red, green and golden.

This is certainly a healthy food because it has important health benefits. Dual natural foods is the source of freshest and best quality superfoods from all over the world. Our goal is to make these beautiful, nutritious foods available to you at the lowest possible rates, while paying fair wages to our farmers and employees.

FIGS GOLDEN EXTRA JUMBO Amazing health benefits:

Treats Sexual Issues:
Figs are used for treating various sexual dysfunctions, such as infertility, poor stamina, and erectile dysfunction. Vitamin B6, A and minerals potassium, copper and magnesium support semen production. Figs are an excellent source of amino acids and are perfect for enhancing sexual function.

Strengthens weight loss:
Figs are perfect for those seeking to lose weight. The fact that dried figs are rich in soluble fiber keeps you satiated, and makes you feel whole. There is some evidence in a study that high fiber diets can help lose weight. However, eating too many dried figs can be harmful. It is advised to eat two to three figs a day. Dried figs are a good snack for gaining weight.

It regulates blood pressure:
High potassium levels help with blood pressure. Potassium is a vital mineral that aids in blood pressure regulation and brings down blood pressure. Figs are rich in potassium.

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More Information

Ingredients Fresh Figs Golden Extra Jumbo size.
Scientific Name Ficus carica.
Country of Origin Turkey.
Taste and Aroma Ripe figs may be heavy with their own syrup, which appears to spill if you wait too long to eat them. The taste is smooth and has a touch of honey, accompanied by the occasional taste of a berry flavor.
Product Style Whole, Dried.
Uses FIGS GOLDEN EXTRA JUMBO are used as a sweetener. Hence often uses for cakes, pudding, custards or jams.
Handling/Storage It is necessary to keep stored figs cold to prevent spoilage. Store the eggs in the coldest part of the refrigerator for up to two days before using. Figs can be frozen whole, sliced, or peeled for up to a year.
Common Name Figs, Caricae Fructus, Feigen, Ficus carica, Figs, Figue, Figuier, Figuier de Carie, Figuier Comestible, Figuier Commun, Figuier Domestique, Higuera.
Nutritional Value

The Serving Size 40 g (1.4 Oz)

  • Calories: 120
  • Sodium: 40 mg
  • Carbohydrate : 28 grams.
  • Iron: 6 %.
  • Calcium: 6 %.
Shelf Life
The approximate shelf life of the commodity, rated for storage under optimal conditions, is 6 months.
Allergen Information If you are allergic to jackfruit, also, be careful to place figs (a form of frequently used fruit) into your diet will cause an abnormal reaction.
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