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Turmeric Powder

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Profile: Turmeric powder is one of nature's most brilliant spices, drenching the world with orange hues and musky scents.


This Asian ginger family member is one of the world's most coveted spices. But not for its cost or rarity. It is not expensive to make this golden Indian spice.

Rather, it is renowned for its flavor and color. Turmeric is a common dye for fabric. The root is often used to make colourful pastes for Hindu rites.

Aside from its color and karma, turmeric is used in curries, soups, risottos, pastries, and other dishes across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Turmeric powder imparts a distinct flavor to meals. Its gingery-ness is typically described as woody, musky, and flowery. Curcumin, a naturally occurring ingredient, gives this turmeric powder a mustard flavor.


Ingredients: Turmeric
Shelf Life: 4 Years.
Basic Prep: Ready to use as is, no preparation is necessary.
Ways To Use: This turmeric powder, which comes in a yellow color, is usually used in curry and Indian spice blends. It adds a lot of flavor to egg dishes, vegetarian cooking, basting liquids, poultry, mustard blends, fish, beans, lentils, or sauces.
Product Style: Powder
Cuisine: Austrian, British, European, German, Hungarian, Moroccan.
Country of Origin: India.
Taste & Aroma: Bitter or Astringent, Sweet.
Handling / Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
Allergen Information: None Specified.
Dietary Preferences: All Natural, Gluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO.
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