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Profile: The Almonds blanched diced is so soft that you pinch the skin right through the rollers of rubber. This is required so that the desired sizes can then be sliced into a pure white almond. Blanched diced almonds are a natural choice for toppings, including many cakes and a paddle for bakery.
Almonds belonging to family Rosaceae are scientifically referred to as Prunus dulcis or Prunus amygdalis. In India, these aromatic nuts are called "Badam," locally in Hindi or in many other Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu , Marathi, and Kannada regional languages.


Nut almond factory make blanched almonds in different dimensions. They are achieved first by separating the skin from the almond, the so-called blanching method in which the almonds are put in a warm bath called a plastizing method. The almond is so delicate that it is possible to bite the skin directly as it moves through rubber plates. It is achieved in order to dive a pure white almond into the appropriate sizes. Blanched Diced Almonds are a popular alternative for toppings, like many food delights as well as a bakery.

82% of the world almonds are cultivated in California. The soil and temperatures for almond trees are perfect; cool winters enable trees to rest and warm enough for trees to bloom in February and bees to pollinate their flora. After the flowers have been pollinated, the shrubs become a growing season with nutlets produced over the next few days. By March tree nuts began to grow, leaves pushed out, and green leaves and hulls were rich in husks.

The hulls are becoming larger and bigger in the growing season; by June the hulls grew to their full size and the nut within the shell starts to change from its gelatinous form to a solid fruit that we all know and like. By August, the hulls begin to open and expose the shell. It's time for set. The harvest cycle takes 8 to 10 weeks with nearly 1,2 million acres in production.

Health Benefits of Almond Blanched Diced:

Reduces rates of cholesterol:
Almonds immersed in water can significantly reduce your cholesterol levels. These are essentially filled with Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA), which reduce the bloodstream 's amount of Low Density Lipoprotein or bad cholesterol. The amount of vitamin E in the nuts is also helpful in combating LDL and in increasing the level of HDL in the body.
Implements the rate of blood pressure:
Acute high blood pressure can also be treated with soaked almonds. The low levels of sodium and potassium in the nuts will prevent the blood pressure from escalating. Magnesium and folic acid in seeds also help to reduce the likelihood of coronary artery disease.
Aids In Loss of Weight:
Having almonds a part of your daily diet helps loose your weight. There are only very few chemical or organic compounds that can facilitate weight loss such as soaked almonds. Being loaded with monounsaturated fat, they will satisfy your food cravings and help you shed extra body weight.

Where and how to purchase almond blanched diced?
Duals Natural sources best quality and finest unpasteurized almond blanched diced to guarantee you are really a regular in your healthy diet.
Raw California Almonds, available from DUALSNATURAL at lowered wholesale prices!.

More Information

Ingredients Almond Blanched Diced.
Product Style Nuts/Raw Dried.
Shelf Life Store in a cool dry place for up to 6 months.
Handling/Storage Dried almond blanched diced are stored in a tightly sealed container inside a cool , dry place away from sunlight exposure. Keep them cold further keeps them from rancidity and improves freshness.
Country of Origin Asia / India.
Dietary Preferences Certified Gluten-Free, Kosher Pareve.
Allergen Information Processed at a place that also processes ingredients include peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy and milk.
Taste and Aroma Sweet and Bitter Almonds.
Almond blanched Diced are perfect for sweet as well as savory preparations. Roasted almond Blanched diced add to with salads. For vegetable dishes (such as sauteed green beans or a brussel sprout gratin), chopped or sliced almonds can be a lovely topping. We often make a simple snack or a good enhancement to a plate of cheese.
Source of Country California, USA.
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