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Moisturize & strengthen prevent hair loss

Moisturize & Strengthen: The most popular use of amla oil is on the hair, as it can moisturize and strengthen your locks, while also preventing infections on the scalp, and adding to the shine of your hair when regularly.

Skin Glow: Amla Oil will make your skin glow. Giving your skin a healthy glow with Amla Oil can be achieved very easily. Simply apply regularly on the skin for the desired effect.

Hair loss: Amla Oil will help you prevent hair loss: If you are experiencing premature hair loss or hair breakage, your hair might be lacking the moisture it needs. Amla Oil is the perfect natural remedy for such a case.​

Immune system: Apply argan oil — or face creams containing argan oil — directly to your skin at least twice a day. You should start to see results after four weeks.

100% Pure Organic Amla Oil

Product of India. For all types of skin and hair.

Contains: vitamins C and E, 80% essential fatty acids (Omega 9, Omega 6)

This product has not been approved by the FDA to treat prevent or cure any disease.

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