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Enriched with Olive Oil and Vitamin E


Common Uses of Butters

• Body massage

• Hair mask

• Creams

• Lotions

• Soaps

• Pomades

• Hair Conditioners

Arnica Butter is a warming butter and can be used by massage therapists to help stimulate skin circulation. This butter is formulated using Arnica Flower Extract which is widely known to reduce swelling associated with bruises, aches, and sprains. It can be used to soothe and relax tired, sore, and aching muscles, alleviate pain inflicted by arthritis, and reduce inflammation caused by worn out cartilage. Arnica Butter is enriched with Olive Oil and Vitamin E, which exhibit antioxidant properties and provide long-lasting moisture to the skin.

INGREDIENTS: Arnica, Olive non-gmo soy butter.

No gmo, No artificial flavors, No added sugar, No lactose, No soy, No gluten.

This product has not been approved by the FDA to treat prevent or cure any disease.