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Profile: Castor wax flakes are made by combining hydrogen with pure castor oil in a chemical reaction. It's an odorless waxy material that's water insoluble. Castor wax flakes can be found in a wide range of cosmetic and industrial products.


Castor wax is used in polishes, oil paints (Old Holland, Lefranc), cosmetics, electrical capacitors, carbon paper, lubrication, coatings, and greases when moisture, oils, and petrochemical chemicals resistance is required.

Is castor wax beneficial to hair?
It encourages hair development, thickens hair, and minimizes, prevents, and conceals damage. Castor oil hair growth treatment is a natural way to improve the health and thickness of your hair.

Is castor wax beneficial to the skin?
It protects your skin from bacterial infections and helps to avoid skin issues caused by germs. Furthermore, castor oil is high in triglycerides, which are good for keeping your skin moisturized. Castor oil and products containing castor wax are the finest treatments for dry skin.