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Profile: In recent years, cracked Freekeh has gained favor in many American kitchens. This smokey toasted wheat can easily be used in place of rice or pasta for a deeper flavor and aroma.

* Sun-dried and roasted young green wheat berries
* nuttiness with a smokey scent
* Texture: chewy
* To cook faster, coarsely cracked
* All-natural


Freekeh is an ancient grain made from fresh green durum wheat that is sun-dried, roasted, and rubbed. Our Cracked Freekeh is a tasty whole-grain substitute for pasta and rice. Cracked Freekeh cooks faster than whole wheat Freekeh due to the coarsely cracked grains.

Freekeh originated in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt around 2000 BC. According to tradition, an Eastern Mediterranean civilisation picked young wheat before it developed to protect their food source from destruction. After the fire, they didn't want to throw out their slightly burnt food. They brushed the char off the wheat heads and discovered it was still edible and wonderfully flavorful. This tradition is reflected in the grain's name: "freekeh" means "to rub" in Arabic.

As a result, freekeh has a naturally nutty, somewhat smokey flavor. Freekeh is produced from fresh green wheat, although in Egypt it is sometimes made from barley.

Freekeh's versatility and nutritional profile have recently enhanced its popularity. Freekeh is high in protein and fiber and low in carbs. It is also a very eco-friendly crop to grow because it is picked early, reducing the need for pesticides or chemical intervention.

Ingredients: Couscous
Shelf Life: 2 Years.
Uses: - replaces rice, pasta, or farro
- For a nutritional boost in soup and salads, add kale.
- Enjoy instead of oatmeal
Basic prep: 1 cup cracked Freekeh, 3 cups water Sous-vide for 25 minutes or until grains are soft.
Country of Origin: United States
Handling / Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
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