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Profile: Our unsalted roasted pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of protein and fiber. They make a great snack for watching a ball game or just hanging out with friends! For freshness that you can taste, we roast these pepitas right in-house.


Pumpkin is a Cucurbitaceae winter squash.

American in origin, it is popular during Thanksgiving and Halloween (1Trusted Source).

Pumpkin in the US refers to Cucurbita pepo, an orange winter squash. In Australia, pumpkin refers to any winter squash.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin

1. Highly Nutritious and Particularly Rich in Vitamin A

2. High Antioxidant Content May Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Diseases

3. Packs Vitamins That May Boost Immunity

4. Vitamin A, Lutein and Zeaxanthin May Protect Your Eyesight

5. Nutrient Density and Low Calorie Count May Promote Weight Loss

6. Antioxidant Content May Lower Your Risk of Cancer

7. Potassium, Vitamin C and Fiber May Benefit Heart Health

8. Contains Compounds That Promote Healthy Skin

9. Incredibly Versatile and Easy to Add to Your Diet

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