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Profile: The aroma of our star anise powder is irresistible, inspiring hunger in the kitchen and passion in the bedroom.


The Illicium verum tree is native to southern China, Laos, and Vietnam. The star anise spice is made from the fruits of the delicate pink blossoms. Eight points of Ceylon-colored poinsettias with fine seed like polished beads.

Our star anise powder contains the licorice-flavored essential oil anethole (the two, however, are not related in any way). Fresh, muscular, flowery, and deep flavor of pulverized star anise.

Both China and India use the spice medicinally to cure dyspepsia. Many people eat or brew the small seeds. The anethole has the ability to both soothe stomach activity and refresh breath.

It's been used in Asian braises and stews for years, especially with beef, pig, shellfish, winter squash, and beans. Western cultures use the spice more for confectionary, baking, and flavoring alcohol. Poach apples or figs with star anise. To give orange peel a licorice scent, blanch it with a star anise.

Star anise powder is used in Chinese five-spice and Vietnamese pho. That and chocolate, grapefruit, and star anise are all in the Port Royal flavor profile. Use this star anise powder to massage pork or beef.

If you make your own cinnamon rolls, put in a teaspoon of ground star anise. No more plain cinnamon for you once you smell them baking.


Ingredients: Dried star anise.
Shelf Life: 3 Years.
Basic Prep: Ready to use as is, no preparation is necessary.
Ways To Use: You can use ground star anise to flavor roasted or barbecued chicken, braised leeks, or poached seafood or shellfish.
Product Style: Powder
Cuisine: Chinese, French, Indian, Malaysian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Turkish.
Country of Origin: Vietnam.
Taste & Aroma: Licorice or Anise, Sweet.
Handling / Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
Allergen Information: None Specified.
Dietary Preferences: All Natural, Gluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO.
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