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Rejuvenating Supplement for Adrenal Support*

  • Promotes balanced energy levels and stamina*
  • Helps the body cope with stress*
  • Supports optimal function of the adrenals*
  • Nourishing to the endocrine system*

Our adrenal glands do a lot for us. They produce hormones responsible for regulating metabolism, the immune system, blood pressure, and, famously, the stress response, among other vital functions crucial to our existence. When the adrenals become exhausted, we might find ourselves feeling exhausted, insufficient, or depleted.

Adrenal Nourish is a unique blend of powerful Ayurvedic herbs designed to nurture the body's stress response, easing some of the work that falls to the adrenal glands. Ashwagandha, a renowned adaptogen, works to promote resilience, while kapikacchu, a natural source of L-dopa, supports the nervous system and the mind.

As the adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys, these two organs are intimately related. Gokshura is considered a tonic for the genitourinary system and supports proper function of the kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, and prostate.

Eleuthero, brahmi, guduchi, and tulsi further offer their adaptogenic and calming properties to provide a truly complementary herbal supplement. Adrenal Nourish can be taken morning or night, with or without food, to restore your adrenals to their optimal state of balance

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