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Black Jumbo Raisins are one of the world's most dried nutritious fruits. Raisins are free of cholesterol, low in sodium and fully free of calories. They supply many essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron, potassium , calcium and other vitamins of B. Raisins are a healthy fiber source and abundant in antioxidants.
A dried grape is a raisin.The word "raisin" is reserved for dark-colored dried large grapes.Raisin means "grape", while a dried grape is a raisin sec, or "dry grape".



Black Raisins are also known as “ dried grapes".  You make a perfect low-calorie snack just  you fulfill two tablespoons of black raisins as one fruit. Black Dried raisins is produced by drying the fruit in full sun with a dark brown color.
Fresh, yummy and flavorful, these high-quality black raisins are packed with flavor, providing every recipe or meal the perfect touch of juicy, sun-kissed flavors. Plumping and refreshing the natural sweetness explosion is the best way to improve the dishes, salads , desserts or even for simple, good old-fashioned snacks.
Raisins is the best source of carbohydrates for energy. Rich in vitamin-B, iron and potassium.

Benefits of Black Raisins for Health:

In addition to enhancing our appearance, black raisins deliver a lot of health benefits. Here are some of the berries 's major health benefits:
Fight against Bad Cholesterol:
No cholesterol is found in black raisins. Instead, it leads to curbing the adverse effects of the LDL or 'Bad' cholesterol that is present in our bodies.
It helps in bringing the levels of cholesterol down in our body by restraining various cholesterol-absorbing enzymes.
Attempting to control Blood Pressure:
Sodium is mainly responsible for high blood pressure.Black raisins are high in potassium, the most efficient mineral that can significantly reduce the level of the sodium in our body.
Successfully Treat Osteoporosis:
Calcium plays a vital role in maintaining our skeletal system 's health. This mineral shortage can lead to serious bone disorders such as osteoporosis.
Black raisins can improve our body's calcium level and help us effectively treat these diseases.

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More Information

Ingredients Jumbo Black Raisins, sunflower oil.
Botanical Name Black corinthian raisins, Vitis vinifera L. var.
Other Names  sultanas, currants, and raisins.
Country of Origin The Black Corinth is a grape that originated in Greece./ United States.
Handling/Storage For raisins, proper storage is necessary. Seal the raisins in a bag or jar and Store in a cool dry place. Refrigeration is not needed.
Shelf Life The raisins will remain in the pantry at peak quality for six months.
Taste and Aroma Taste really good and soft.It has a tart, tangy flavor.
Uses Great for snacking, topping, or baking.
Nutritional value Serving Size 40 g. 520 Cal, 97%, 22 g Carbs, 0 % Fat, 3% 4g protein.
Product Style Dried Black Raisins Fruits.
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