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Profile: When used in classic paella, Bomba is a short grain rice that absorbs three times its volume in broth (rather than the conventional two) for a superb flavor and firm firmness. For our Bomba Valencia Rice, we source absorbent grains of true bomba rice from Spain.

- The mild rice flavor blends well with the flavors of the other ingredients.
- It absorbs a lot of water and expands in width rather than length.
- 5 millimeter long bright white short grains
- Gluten-free by nature


Raised rice dishes, known as "arroces" in Spain, are made with rice. Bomba Rice is a short grain rice cultivated for paella. It's not like Italian Arborio rice, which is developed to be creamy, or Asian sushi rice, which is often sticky.

Bomba rice is praised for its starchy center that can absorb three times its weight in fluids. Because of its firmness and structure, it cooks to separate grains, never sticky or mushy.

Bomba grows slowly in wetlands south of Valencia. The outcome is a rice with a dried grain that absorbs better.

This centuries-old short grain rice takes 30 percent longer to mature than other rices. Dehydrated kernels ready to soak up more wonderful sauces and aromas from paella broth and other Mediterranean recipes.

Bomba Rice retains its shape and bite while absorbing three times its volume in liquid. A circular "bomb" of rice expands in width rather than length.

Classic Recipe Seafood Paella

The most popular variation of the traditional Spanish dish is this classic seafood paella. Large groups often assemble outside to cook paella over an open fire or on a specially made paella grill, because to its fairly labor-intensive preparation. A kettle-style charcoal grill can also be used to improve the already complex flavors of paella. We adapted our method for the stovetop and oven, but a kettle-style charcoal grill may also be used to enhance the already complex tastes of paella.


Ingredients: Bomba Valencia rice.
Shelf Life: 2 Years.
Product Style: Whole
Country of Origin: India
Handling / Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
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