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Profile: Chia Seeds are edible, tiny, oval-shaped seeds with a high nutritional profile. Chia seeds are naturally gluten-free, high in calcium, and high in fiber, making them one of the best plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds have a mild flavor and might be crunchy, nutty, or gelatinous depending on how they're prepared.

Mild, unremarkable flavor

The size is about 1 millimeter.

Gluten-free by nature


Chia seeds (the seeds of the Salvia hispanica plant) have been grown as a food source throughout Meso- and South America for thousands of years, at least since the Mayan and Aztec dynasties. In fact, the name "chia" is a perversion of the Mayan word for "strength," which explains why it was so prized.

When soaked in water or another liquid, chia seeds are known for forming a gel. Chia seeds have minute hair-like threads covering their exterior shell. These fibers attract and retain water, resulting in a loose gel that can be up to nine times the size of the chia seeds.

Their tendency to turn gelatinous when soaked in liquid helps digestion and slows nutrient absorption while also providing a novel textural option in dishes. Chia seeds are naturally gluten-free, high in calcium, and high in fiber, making them one of the best plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Health Benefits

Stay Hydrated: Chia seed oil has 30% Omega-3. 10% of its oil is Omega-6. This is the optimal ratio of EFAs. Western diets are prone to Omega-3 deficit, however a proper Omega 3:6 ratio helps reduce inflammation in our bodies.

Control Blood Sugar Levels: Eating chia seeds delays our bodies' conversion of carbohydrate calories into simple sugars. This suggests that chia seeds may be beneficial to diabetics.

Weight Loss: Wet chia seeds gel, and this gel in our digestive systems helps prevent some of the food, and hence calories, from being absorbed. Inhibition of calorie absorption makes chia seeds wonderful diet aid. Eating the seeds also helps dieters lose weight by helping them feel satiated sooner.

Easy to Digest: Chia seeds do not require grinding. It is easier to digest than flax seeds. Flax seeds need to be ground to be digested. Not so with chia seeds.

Recipes and Uses: Chia seeds are a raw dietary fiber and omega-3 supplement. Chia seeds soaked in water or fruit juice are known as chia fresca in Mexico. The soaked seeds are utilized in chia puddings, gruels, and porridges. Chia seed flour is used in breads, cakes, and biscuits.

Ingredients: Chia seeds 
Shelf Life: 2 Years.
Uses: - It can be eaten raw or soaked in liquid to make it gelatinous.

- Raw seeds can be sprinkled on cereal, salads, or baked products dough.

- To produce a delicious and nutritious beverage, soak in water or fruit juice.
Basic prep: Sort and rinse Chana Dal Peas well. 1 cup in 4 cups water Bring to a boil, then simmer. 35 minutes, skimming water.
Product Style: Whole
Country of Origin: Paraguay
Handling / Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
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