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Profile: Goldenseal is a buttercup-like perennial herb native to Canada and the eastern United States. The yellow roots of Hydrastis canadensis set it apart. It has a long history of being useful to indigenous North American populations, and it became popular among settlers in the 1800s. Goldenseal has remained popular, and it has been listed as "at risk" by United Plant Savers because to over-harvesting and habitat destruction. As a result, our organic goldenseal root is meticulously farmed to ensure quality and long-term viability. Extracts, infusions, and topical balms are common preparations of the root.

Details: The root of the goldenseal has a long history of use among indigenous civilizations in the northeast, where it grows naturally. It was used by the Cherokee to heal general debility and to manufacture an insect repellent by mixing it with bear grease. In the 1700s, the plant was first described to the outside world.

In the 1800s, goldenseal became popular among North American settlers, overtaking its relative goldthread as the most popular herbal treatment. Due to over-harvesting, it was practically extinct in the wild by 1910. It is still an uncommon species in some areas. As a result, we strongly advise purchasing and using goldenseal with awareness of its environmental vulnerability.


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Ingredients: Goldenseal Root
Origin:  USA
Shelf Life: 2 Years.
Product Style: Cut & Sifted
Handling / Storage: Store in a airtight Food Storage Containers, cool, dry place.
Allergen Information: None Specified.
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