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The Havan Samagri 200g. is a Stunning Product of the MDH Puja Items. “Puja” can be done in the home, temple, during ceremonies and at festivals. Every Hindu home must have a personal shrine at an appropriate place in the house. It is a imperative that every Hindu should do daily puja at home. A daily puja usually consists of a simple worship of offerings, such as an offering of light, water and incense, and/or fruit, followed by an aarti. Upasana helps the devotee to sit near the Lord or to commune with Him. It fills the mind with Suddha Bhava and Prema or pure love for the Lord. It gradually transmutes man into a divine being.


    Brand : Puja Item MDH

    Items : Havan Samagri 200g. Only.

    Product Code : 8902167000461

    Weight : 0.44 Lbs.