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Profile: Urtica dioica, sometimes known as "stinging nettle," is well-known for its sting when its hollow hairs (tricomes) come into contact with flesh. Since ancient times, nettles have been harvested for their nutritious qualities as a springtime food. Our European nettle leaf is used to make our nettle leaf powder. When the plant has had time to grow but before it blooms, nettle leaves are picked in the spring. It is a food that may be directly included into recipes including soups, stews, rice, and smoothies. Nettle powder can also be macerated to create nettle leaf extract, combined into herbal vinegars, or infused to create a nourishing nettle tea.


For ages, people from many different nations and cultures have used nettles. It has been used topically on the skin, consumed as a herbal tea, and eaten as a wild food plant. Its fibers were extensively utilized for making textile. In Northern Europe, nettle fibers were thought to be of a high caliber and equivalent to flax or hemp.

Nettle helps to maintain healthy upper respiratory function and supports normal urination. It also has a modest diuretic effect.

We gather the European nettle leaf from established populations. It has a gorgeous amber hue and a deep vegetal flavor when steeped as tea. Our North American nettle will be the ideal choice if you like a nettle leaf with a milder flavor.

Nettle is a perennial herbaceous dioecious plant. The soft, green leaves have a sharply serrated border and are produced oppositely on an upright, wiry, green stem. The leaves and stems are densely covered in nonstinging hairs as well as many stinging hairs (trichomes), the tips of which protrude when touched and cause paresthesia. The Urticaceae family includes Urtica dioica.


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Ingredients: Nettle Leaf
Origin:  Hungary
Shelf Life: 2 Years.
Product Style: Cut & Sifted
Handling / Storage: Store in a airtight Food Storage Containers, cool, dry place.
Allergen Information: None Specified.
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