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Profile: Peppermint is fragrant and healthy. Peppermint leaves have been used for ages in cooking and medicine. Peppermint is believed to be a natural hybrid of spearmint and water mint. Peppermint powder is organic Mentha x piperita. Peppermint leaf powder enhances tea blends, baked items, syrups, and candies. Ancient Rome used peppermint for medicinal purposes. Peppermint leaf is a popular herb in home apothecaries and gardens worldwide. Peppermint has been used traditionally as a digestive tonic and for its uplifting and refreshing scent. Peppermint leaf is added to herbal preparations to improve flavor and health.

Details: Peppermint is used in chewing gum, sweets, toothpastes, energy drinks, herbal teas, and more. Chewing fresh plant leaves used to freshen breath. Peppermint liqueurs are a popular digestif.

Mentha x piperita is a spearmint-water mint hybrid. Peppermint, native to Europe and the Middle East, has naturalized worldwide and is abundant in herb gardens. Peppermint has square stems, dark green leaves, and purple flower spikes. Peppermint is rhizomatous and fast-growing. This Lamiaceae member grows along stream banks in damp environments. Peppermint's leaves and stems contain volatile oils, including menthol, which gives it its scent and chilling feeling.

Peppermint's energizing scent has supported wellness for centuries. According to ancient Greek legend, the genus Mentha was named after the nymph, Minthe, who was the lover of the God of the Underworld. Pluto's spiteful wife killed Minthe, but Pluto brought her back as mint to remember her.

Peppermint was a popular decoration and flavoring in ancient Greece and Rome. The fragrant shrub was also used as a strewing herb to scent floors. Many civilizations still use peppermint oil to enhance the intellect.

Peppermint powder can be used in candy and baked products. The powder can be used in culinary recipes, herbal syrups, and extracts. Foot soaks, body scrubs, and bath bombs contain peppermint leaf powder.


**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.


Ingredients: Peppermint
Origin:  USA
Shelf Life: 2 Years.
Product Style: Powder
Handling / Storage: Store in a airtight Food Storage Containers, cool, dry place.
Allergen Information: None Specified.
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