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Profile: These Colossal Roasted Pistachios are delicious and HUGE. We at are fond of our nuts, and these roasted pistachios are the biggest and best we've seen in years!
This is a Californian pistachio with natural hue. Suitable for all events. To harvest the pistachio, the shell splits as it ripens.

Health Benefits Of Roasted Salted Pistachios

An ounce of roasted pistachios includes 49 nuts, the most of any nut, and more than 10% of the Daily Value for dietary fiber, vitamin B-6, thiamin, phosphorus, and copper.

Pistachios are particularly high in phytosterols, which are linked to decrease cholesterol and may protect against some cancers.

Pistachios are a high-quality plant protein source, supplying all essential amino acids. Also, pistachios contain arginine, a non-essential amino acid that may help prevent or reduce cardiovascular disease. Pistachios include fat, but it's mostly monounsaturated, like olive oil.

Contactless & Safe Snacking - Individual packaging reduces the amount of touchpoints whether sharing or dining alone.

Portion Control - To help balance our daily nutritional demands.

Grab and Go! - wherever you may travel, take a little bag of snacks on the way.



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