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Profile: Stone-ground spelt is used to make our wheat-like spelt flour. Spelt flour makes great breads, cakes, pastries, pasta, and pancakes.


This delectable grain was a Medieval staple in Iran and Europe. Spelt's nutritional benefits, ease of production (it requires fewer pesticides than wheat), and sweet, nutty flavor have made it popular. Spelt flour is rich and toasted like wheat flour. High fiber and protein in spelt flour are bonuses.

Spelt flour
Since spelt has less gluten than wheat, it's best for non-rising recipes. Banana-spelt muffins? Spelt flour adds a unique flavor to pumpkin and sweet potato pie crusts.

Replace up to 50% of wheat flour with spelt flour for baking rising bread. This ratio gives bread a nutty spelt flavor without compromising structure. Since spelt isn't gluten-free, baked foods will be chewy.

Because spelt is more water-soluble than wheat flour, reduce liquid by 3/4 when substituting. Because spelt has less gluten, don't overmix. Each pound of spelt flour contains 4 cups.

Spelt flour health bites have 12 percent of your daily required fiber. A research in the American Journal of Gastroenterology indicated that spelt may help women avoid gallstones. Women who ate the highest fiber-rich meals had a 13% decreased incidence of gallstones.

Spelt flour is easier to digest than wheat flour.

Spelt flour is rich in manganese, phosphorus, vitamin B3, magnesium, and copper because the germ and bran are left intact. One cup of spelt flour offers 62% of the required manganese consumption, which may prevent high cholesterol and hypertension.


**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.


Ingredients: Spelt
Shelf Life: 2 Years.
Product Style: Flour
Country of Origin: United States
Handling / Storage: Store in a airtight Food Storage Containers, cool, dry place.
Allergen Information: None Specified.
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