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Tajin seasoning is a popular Mexican spice blend made with a combination of salt, chili peppers, and dehydrated lime. It adds just the right touch of zing. Learn more about it.

If you are a spicy food lover, you may come across a lot of spices you never knew about but once you do, they take up a permanent space in your spice rack. One such spice is Tajin, an oddly named spice blend but with an amazing taste! Here is everything you’d like to know about it.

Tajin is a well-known Mexican seasoning made with a combination of chili powders, lime and sea salt with a few other ingredients. If you are familiar with the tortilla chip brands that include a hint of lime, this is quite similar – the right combination of salty, tangy, and spicy to satisfy your taste buds.

The most popular brand of this spicy seasoning is widely produced in Mexico by Tajín, a Mexican Company, though it’s popularity continues to grow in the United States. This brand is made with mild chili peppers, lime and sea salt and is quite mild. They also sell

Many people wonder, what should I put Tajin on? The spice blend is famous for its tangy and spicy flavor, so it is a perfect fit for sprinkling onto fruits and vegetables, where it will enhance the sweet taste. You can also add it to homemade guacamole and the flavor boost will leave you amazed. It is great for Mexican cuisine.

Try this – take a cucumber, cut it into circles, lay them out on the plate, then sprinkle Tajin over the slices to make a perfect mouth-watering appetizer. Quick and easy!

You can also sprinkle the spice blend on pineapple, melon, and mango to enhance their sweetness and make your taste buds tingle with satisfaction. The best thing is that you can whip these appetizers together in a matter of a few minutes. Easy peasy!

Also, use it on popcorn or potato chips to make the perfect snack for movie night. Rim a glass with Tajin for a twist on your favorite.
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