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A wholesome, fiber-rich snack is roasted white chickpeas (or garbanzo beans). To make these whole white chickpeas fluffy, they are first humidified and then oven-roasted to satisfaction. When roasted, the white, natural skins of the chickpeas help make them crunchier, making them superior to the yellow variety.


Spicy Chickpeas are an ancient food that, as hummus has become a popular chip dip and sandwich spread, has had an influence on the modern American diet in recent years.
Spicy Chickpeas are low in calories and sodium, high in fiber and a good source of copper and manganese, taupe-colored and also about the size of an exploded pea.

Good for vegetarian:

High source of minerals and vitamins

Low Sugar

Dairy Free

No Sugar Added


High Protein

Roasted chickpeas, specially when they are eaten straight from the oven, make an absolutely delicious snack. Serve them in a bowl as a warm appetizer, much as you would nuts, or toss them instead of croutons with salads. They're absolutely addictive, so watch out, you can find yourself eating more than just a 1/4-cup serving!

Chickpeas health benefits:

Chickpeas may provide a wide range of health benefits as a rich source of vitamins , minerals and fiber, such as improving digestion, aiding weight loss and reducing the risk of many diseases. Chickpeas are also rich in protein and make a perfect substitute for meat in vegetarian and vegan diets.

It may works Weight management and satiety.

Dietary fibers in the digestive system function as bulking agents. Bulking agents, after consumption, improve the feeling of fullness, and protein has the same effect.
After eating, feeling fuller for longer will help reduce the appetite and reduce the caloric intake of an individual.

Chickpeas helps to control blood sugar label.

Chickpeas, canned and dried, have a low glycemic index. This implies that the body consumes and slowly digests them. They also have a form of starch, called amylose, that digests slowly. All of these factors help prevent the insulin and blood sugar from rising too rapidly. For diabetic patients, this is good.

May helps to Digestion and regularity.

Fiber helps to maintain a balanced digestive tract and promotes regularity. A good source of fiber is chickpeas.

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Ingredients: Fresh Chickpeas.
Scientific Name: Cicer arietinum.
Other common Name: Garbanzo bean, Indian pea, Ceci bean, bengal gram, chana, kadale kaalu, sanaga pappu, and shimbra are other common names for chickpeas.
Handling/Storage: Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container to avoid absorption of other food odors. No needed store in the refrigerator.
Country of Origin: Most probably, the chickpea originated in the region of present-day southeast Turkey and neighboring Syria.
Shelf Life: At the room temperature, Chickpeas can last up to 6 months.
Taste and Aroma: These chickpeas, nutty buttery flavor and creamy texture that can enrich our many recipes.
Uses: Spicy chickpeas are most commonly used for human also animal feed. Chickpeas are rich in protein and energy, Which makes them great for animal feed.
For human chickpeas can consumed raw, salad, commonly used in soups, stews, and chilis.
Product Style: Dried Seeds.
Nutritional value:

Serving Size (28 grams) of Chickpeas roasted unsalted provide:
Calories: 102.
Protein: 5 grams.
Carbs: 17 grams

Allergen Information: The journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Science states that chickpeas are not associated with any recorded allergens. The proteins in chickpeas, however, may have major allergen activity potential.
Disclaimer:  These summary details have been prepared for information purposes only, and are designed to enhance your shopping experience on the Duals Naturals website.
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