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Profile: Plantago major is a Plantaginaceae perennial. Plantain, originally from Eurasia, has expanded to the Americas and Australia. Young, spring leaves are eaten in salads and soups. Organic plantain leaf is great for herbal teas.

Details: Plantain enjoys chaos. It grows in pastures, sidewalk cracks, backyard gardens, and other active areas. Plantain has been eaten and valued for ages. According to western mythology, chewing and placing the leaf on the skin could remove a splinter.

Plantain leaves are infused with herbs in western herbalism. Plantain is used in skin care products. In salads, new spring leaves are eaten.

Plantago lanceolata and Plantago major, narrowleaf and broadleaf plantains, are well-known and preferred. Long, narrow, lanceolate leaves of narrowleaf plantain have 3-5 noticeable ribs. Broadleaf plantain leaves have 5-9 pronounced veins. Originally from temperate Eurasia, ribwort and larger plantain are common in the British Isles. They've spread to Australia and the Americas. Both are interchangeable.

Plantain leaf is a popular tea and herbal infusion ingredient. Used in skin care preparations.
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