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Profile: Rhodiola rosea has been used for thousands of years in Europe and Asia. Wild rhodiola populations are being overharvested due to their attractiveness. We assist organic rhodiola root farmers to protect the plant's survival. The purple-hued, floral-scented root is used to make rhodiola tea, herbal infusions, and tinctures.


The floral-scented rhodiola root has been utilized for centuries in Europe and Asia. In the Himalayas, it was used to treat altitude sickness.

Rhodiola helps adrenal health and a balanced stress response.

Our rhodiola root comes from a rare cultivar. It's grown in chemical- and pesticide-free soil and follows Good Agricultural and Collection Practice for Herbal Raw Materials (GACP). GACP assures herbal raw material is correctly recognized, non-adulterated, accurately represented, and sustainably harvested.

Rhodiola rosea is one of 90 Rhodiola species (55 of which are in China and 30 in Tibet) that resemble sedum and are members of the Crassulaceae family. Both genera are called'stonecrops' because they thrive in dry rocky regions. Many species are used interchangeably. R. crenulata, R. sacra, R. algida, R. dumulosa, R. henyri, R. rosea, R. yunnanensis, R. kirilowii, R. sachalinensis. R. rosea loves arid sandy soil and grows in the arctic regions of Europe and Asia.

Canada and the U.S. grow Rhodiola. In the U.S., it's native to eastern Maine and southern Vermont (where it's rare and threatened) and introduced to Connecticut, Alaska, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. It may also be found in hilly sections of several other states. This plant possesses a rose-scented rhizome, hence 'rosea.' The generic name is taken from the Greek word for rose, 'rhodon'

R. rosea is wild-harvested after 20 years. In recent years, this herbal supplement's popularity led to overharvesting. Several states and countries are attempting to safeguard this endangered species. Thus, R. rosea is in high demand globally.


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Ingredients: Rhodiola Rose 
Origin:  Canada
Shelf Life: 2 Years.
Product Style: Cut & Sifted
Handling / Storage: Store in a airtight Food Storage Containers, cool, dry place.
Allergen Information: None Specified.
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